Honeycomb Necklace Gold
Honeycomb Necklace Gold
Honeycomb Necklace Gold

Honeycomb Necklace Gold

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The bee is an extraordinary creature. Of all the Wonders of Nature, the bee – especially the honeybee – has not merely captured our attention as a sign of summer and a maker of honey. Through a beautiful dance with pollinating plants, the bee has had a profound and extreme impact on our world. Bees are Nature's most perfect builders. Honeycombs are not only the most efficient structures in nature—the walls meet at a precise 120-degree angle, a perfect hexagon.

We need to celebrate Bees! Why not by wearing a jewellery...


Each Honeycomb Necklace is handmade to order.

Necklace in its full shape is made out of honeycomb design... just like bees made it.

Ornamented with circle element that is situated in the back.

Made in Sterling Silver and 22k Gold-plated. Chain is made of oxidized Sterling Silver.

Other length is available on request.  Setting stones can be requested. Please write to me.

Due to the fact that each single piece is made by hand thus special and unique, the shape may slightly vary from the one on photo.


Sterling Silver 925, 22k Gold-plating, oxidation


W:12-50 mm

Length:  80 cm


This item is presented in a Karolina Bik Jewelry signature packaging.

Care Instructions:

To maintain your jewellery, wipe gently with a damp cloth that is soft and clean. Do not soak in water. Avoid contact with soaps, detergents, perfume or hair spray. Best to store jewel in attached sealing bag.